Kingz International Logistics

Air Freight
Shipping Rate per Pound$5.00
Shipping Rate per Pound (Outside Lagos)$6.00
Flat Rate for weight less than 16 lbs$75.00
Flat Rate for weight less than 16 lbs (Outside Lagos)$100.00
Shipping Insurance Rate3%
Shipping Insurance Rate (Outside Lagos)5%
Multiple Electronics/Goods in bulk Duty Fee$100.00
Television Clearing Fee$300.00
Ocean Freight
TVs/Special Items Starting Rate$250.00
Large Televisions (> 42") Starting Rate$450.00
Starting Rate - Standard Box (16x16x16)$100.00
Dimension: 18x18x18 (Lenght x Width x Height)$125.00
Dimension: 22x22x22 (Lenght x Width x Height)$150.00
Dimension: 24x24x24 (Lenght x Width x Height)$175.00
Dimension: 48x24x24 (Wardrobe)$300.00
Average Size Duffle Bag$175.00
Vehicle in a Container
Small Sedan (Clearing NOT Included)$2,000.00
Small SUV (Clearing NOT Included)$2,200.00
Large SUV (Clearing NOT Included)$3,500.00
Quarter Space in a Container (GOODS ONLY + Clearing)$2,200.00
+ ₦1.7 mil (clearing)
RoRo Vehicles
CAT1 (Sedans)$1,850.00
CAT2 (SUVs/Vans)$2,250.00
Rates subject to change
Last updated: Feb/06/2024 5:34 PM

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