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Shipping your stuff in a container via ocean freight requires dealing with experienced shipper, who knows and understands the in & out mechanisms of doing this the right way. As a licensed OTI (Ocean Transportation Intermediary) by United States Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), Kingz International Logistics has the knowledge, the technology, and the know-how in moving containers via the ocean.

We offer all types of containerized shipping, from less than container loads to 20ft, 40ft, and refrigerated containers. We also offer personalized container shipment and the ability to rent a space (quarter size) in a container. You can ship vehicles, personal effects, bulk items, etc. using this method. It normally takes between 6 - 10 weeks for a container shipped from the U.S. to make it to Lagos, Nigeria from departure date. We offer an expedited ocean freight shipping that can make it to Lagos, Nigeria within 30 days (additional cost apply).

Ocean Freight
TVs/Special Items Starting Rate$250.00
Large Televisions (> 42") Starting Rate$450.00
Starting Rate - Standard Box (16x16x16)$100.00
Dimension: 18x18x18 (Lenght x Width x Height)$150.00
Dimension: 22x22x22 (Lenght x Width x Height)$175.00
Dimension: 24x24x24 (Lenght x Width x Height)$200.00
Dimension: 48x24x24 (Wardrobe)$325.00
Average Size Duffle Bag$200.00
Vehicle in a Container
Small Sedan (Clearing NOT Included)$2,000.00
Small SUV (Clearing NOT Included)$2,200.00
Large SUV (Clearing NOT Included)$3,500.00
Quarter Space in a Container (GOODS ONLY + Clearing)$2,200.00
+ ₦2.5 mil (clearing)
Rates subject to change
Last updated: May/17/2024 2:59 PM
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