Kingz International Logistics

We offer a personalized US address where you can have your items delivered to domestically and the we ship them to you in Nigeria!
Based on countless years of experience and our extensive amount of packages we have handled, we pack your items in the most suitable way for secure delivery. We handle all packages with the mission to deliver them in the same condition received.

Our process flow is as easy as 1,2,3...

Register and get your "US Address"
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Shop online at any US-based website
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Package is delivered to our warehouse, we process, you pay, and we ship
Kingz Process Flow

A guide on how to use our services.


International Shipping

The shipment process, from registration, to package arrival at Kingz, to your destination.

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Shopping Guide

Shopping on American websites, including those that don't support international shipping are now available to you.

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Payment Methods

Bank transfer, credit cards, in-person (local customers), PayStack (Nigeria customer)

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Shipping Methods

We ship items via air freight to & from Nigeria. We ship container via ocean freight to Nigeria & other African countries.

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Shipping Process

A step-by-step guide on how to ship your package

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Prohibited Items

Items that we cannot ship, which are not allowed by TSA and/or U.S. customs

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Package Consolidation

Consolidate multiple packages into one and save BIG! Recommended.

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Lithium Batteries & Electronic Devices

We can ship items with lithium ion batteries and other electronic devices with special handling.

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Shipping Alcoholic Beverages

We can ship alcoholic beverages. Restrictions by country will vary depending on ABV (Alcohol by Volume)

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What's Next after Your Item(s) have Shipped

Matters needing your attention after we have shipped your item(s)

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Damage and Loss Prevention

What we do to prevent loss or damage of items received in our warehouse

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