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International Shipment Process usage guide: from registration, to package arrival at Kingz, to Nigeria.


Upon purchasing your items, login into your account and register all your packages that are to be expected. Always make sure you have the original tracking number, as that is how we identify your items.


Once your items show delivered, please give us 24 hours to update your account. Upon 24hrs your account will update to reflect any and all packages delivered.


Inspection. After your items are received we will inspect your items to make sure we have received everything you registered. It is very important to be accurate when it comes to letting us know what we should be expecting in your shipments! If there is any discrepancies we will notify you and provide a picture to show what was received.


To save you money we will always help you consolidated all your items. For example, if we receive 3 boxes for you we will consolidate them into 1 box to help you reduce your cost.


Before we ship your items you will be able to confirm pricing and the receiver information. This will also be your last chance to change the receiver information in Nigeria. Upon approving everything, you will sign electronically.


Payment. Upon signature you will receive an invoice to your email. While payment in the dollars is preferred, we do accept payments in Naira upon request only.

Next you will receive your tracking number! Upon receiving payment, your account will be updated to reflect the tracking number for your shipment. Any and all updates will always be shown via the tracking. Please note, tracking's are updated every Friday, so if payment is received on Wednesday your account will update with the tracking by the end of business day Friday.


Finally you will receive your shipment in Nigeria! All packages are picked up in our office in Yaba, Lagos. Note, when picking up your package(s) in Nigeria, you will need your SEAL#(s) along with a proper identification.

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