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Does your company value saving money, time and improving its efficiency?  This is where we come in. We can help. We can help source and procure just about anything in the US and ship straight to your door.

We will help you source & purchase any auto part, vehicles or equipment that you may need and ship the item(s) to you, stress free.

NEW & USED CARS: Our goal is to source a low cost but the best quality. Our car procurement service selects the best new & used cars from USA, buy it, and ships it to you anywhere you are in the world. These cars are selected from variety of sources, including dealers, private sellers, and most especially auctions.

AUCTION CARS: This is presently the best way to get the best possible deal. You stand the potential to save up to 50% or more in some cases compared to buying direct from the dealers. Auction purchases are usually preferred by car dealers, who buy, repair and sell back in reconditioned condition to customers in their countries. We have all major auction licenses and can buy in any state in the US. We will also carry out all needed checks on your behalf to ensure you are buying the best possible car all the time.

CAR INSPECTION: At your request, we can carry out pre-inspection of your desired car prior to the auction date for cars in Texas. This request must be made to us at least 48 hours before the auction date. There is a fixed $200 pre-inspection charge. Our auction inspection will provide you with the following basic information about the car: Engine Warning Lights, Alarms, if any present, Condition, pictures of the interior, exterior and the engine compartment of the car. This information is all you need to make a decision and to select a car that will meet your budget.

We provide up to date information from the point of purchase till it gets to the point of final delivery.

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