How it Works

1.  Bring or Send Your Item(s)

Drop off your item(s) in person or have it mailed to us using your in-house Kingz Logistics address you'll get when you sign up for a free account with us. 

2.  We Process Your Item(s)

We confirm receipt our your item(s) (if mailed to us), process your shipping (and handling, where applicable) payment, package your item(s) accordingly (we wrap/seal your goods for protection) and set ready for shipment.

3.  We Deliver to Your Destination

We ship your item(s) and deliver to your final destination. Air freight: 7-10 business days, Ro-RO: 21 days, Container: 6-8 weeks. Direct delivery to recipient's door step also available upon request.

We provide you with a tracking number to track your shipment every step of the way until they are received.

What you need to know up front

AIR Freight
  1. All items you wish to ship, whether dropped off or mailed to us, is subject to inspection
  2. Upon request, the original receipt for purchased item(s) must be provided
  3. Kingz Logistics does not ship any TSA (Transportation Security Administration) prohibited item. See TSA Cargo Programs for details or call us
  4. All payments are due upon receipt of your item(s). We provide various payment options. We will not ship your item(s) if full payment is not received.
  5. Kingz International Logistics is NOT responsible for any damage, loss or delay caused by the airline or 3rd parties. We will however, work with our customer in such situation to rectify the issue to the best of abilities, where applicable.
  6. We recommend you insure your valuable item(s) before shipping. We can make such provision at your request.
  7. Our responsibility is only to you, our valued customer. Not to any other 3rd party. Meaning, we will not entertain communication with any other person except the person in our records as the owner of the item(s) being shipped.
  8. Once we notify you that your item(s) have arrived in your intended destination, it is your responsibility to pick up your item(s) as soon as possible. If you have requested and paid for door-to-door delivery, then we will deliver to your recipient's door.
  9. Any item left unclaimed after 5 days of notification of arrival will incur a daily storage fee imposed by us - no exceptions! If still unclaimed after 45 days, we will discard such item(s)
SEA Freight
  1. If shipping a vehicle by Ro-Ro, you are not allowed to put personal item(s) inside the vehicle, except spare tire and other accessories that came with the vehicle from the manufacturer.
  2. Shipping by container, unless you're taking the entire container to yourself, Kingz Logistics will be the one to provide a clearing agent in the country of destination to clear the container. You must sign our clearing agreement and pay for the clearing fee, at least 10 days in advance, before the arrival of the container in its destination.
  3. Whether by Ro-Ro or container, we do not ship prohibited items. You are solely responsible for the contents of what you're shipping through us. All shipping items are subject to inspection.
  4. Whether by Ro-Ro or container, you must provide Title document for all vehicles you wish to ship with us.
  5. If shipping a damaged (accidented) vehicle that is not drivable, please contact us first to explain the condition of the vehicle, before bringing it to us.
  6. Full payment must be received before any item is shipped - no exceptions. Only bring your item(s) when you are ready to ship.
  7. You will receive a tracking number to track your shipment on our website. We encourage you do this to see where your item is during the course of your shipment, instead of bombarding us with phone calls.
  8. Personal items shipped through us must be picked up within 5 days of notification of arrival. Thereafter, such item is subject to a daily demurrage fee. And will be discarded, if not picked up after 45 days.
  9. If you would want to have your item(s) delivered to a destination outside of our local office, a local delivery fee will be charged. Call us to make such arrangement.
How to calculate dimensional weight
How to calculate dimensional weight
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Loading a 40
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Transportation to the port of Galveston
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Why Use Kingz Logistics

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