Air Freight

We offer individuals and companies end-to-end logistics service with guaranteed delivery of any size shipment. Exporting of Personal Effects, Household Goods, Commercial Products, and more. Our motto is "Ship with confidence" be rest assured, your goods will always be in good hands.


  • Cost is per pound
  • Items under 16lbs are subject to our flat rate pricing. Please call our office for details.
  • You must have original receipt or a copy of purchase for all new items. 
  • Due to COVID, current transit time is 2-3 weeks. (All dates and times are given as reasonable estimates only and subject to change without prior notice).

We've made it easy for you:

  1. Create your free Kingz Logistics US address
  2. Use this address to shop online or anywhere and have your goods shipped directly to us
  3. Upon receipt, we will let you know we have your item(s), and we ship 'em for you by air or sea - you decide.
  4. If you need us to also clear your item(s) (where applicable) and deliver to the door step of your intended recipient, we do that as well.

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